About us


What we do….

The Missnosale ideology

We are a team of innovators, thinkers, believers in creativity and most of all, givers. And we are here to give you the gift of a brand-new innovation about the way you shop. Our belief is that why pay full price for something when you can pick it up on a sale or promotion?

We are here to close the gap between your favorite brand and you. Not only that, we are here to show you options from a world of fashion out there, and give you choices. When you register with us we make sure you never miss out on any sale or promotion, most of all, from all YOUR favourite brands, and if we were to tell you, all this was free?

What would be better than that, right?

Why do you need it?

…because choice is a right that everyone deserves, however, too much of something often creates chaos and uncertainty in our minds. That’s where we come in, because we reshape and redefine the way to shop, taking far less time, making it absolutely hassle free and best of all, giving you options to the best possible deals everywhere…

Our environment is light hearted, yet professional; we keep it very easy and that brings out the best in our creativity. Our bunch consists of many different cultures, have a keen sense of fashion and beauty and above all, we are super motivated. Quite simply; we love what we do and blend perfectly as a team.

Natural born designers/strategists

This is something which comes relatively easy to us. To explain that a bit further; we manage time to have fun at work and thus while devoting our time on a campaign, you will find us fresh all the time. Consequently, Team MNS is a group of professionals that consistently discover and rediscover themselves and expose themselves to greater opportunities and even greater growth within the company. We are simply naturals at what we do….